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hey there elementary wrestlers

The head coach of this Group is Nate Knight. 

2024 freestyle/greco season

k- 8th beginner/intermediate

This group is focused on helping wrestlers in the first few years of wrestling compeition and is focused on developing basic wrestling skills and having positive competition experiences. 

Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00-7:30 pm WHS west campus 

Tournament schedule below. 

Cost is $130 individual/$90 brothers *financial waivers available 

If you are unsure, come try it out a practice or two before you register! 

Please use this link to register for group one the beginner group

If you have registration questions call Adrienne 654-0640 ext. 3713

If you need to get a hold of coach Kinight or have questions about his group you can email, text, or call. (702)994-5624

USA wrestling card is required, get one here. If you need help please learn how to get a usa wrestling card here  

get a track wrestling profile if you don't already have one, 

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